Blue screen with 2 sata drives

I recently formatted my IDE hd and reinstalled win xp with no problems.

i then proceeded to reconnect my sata hd and sata dvdrw, however whenever i plug both sata drives in i get bsod saying something about hardware failure. Plugging in 1 of the drives the pc boots normally. Only happens when i plug in both drives. any help guys.

ps: This pc was up and functioning before with both sata drives installed i just replaced the IDE drive.
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    If you re-installed XP on the IDE drive while the SATA units were disconnected, the Install process may never have installed the SATA drivers needed to handle these devices. Check for missing SATA or AHCI drivers. But first, check in BIOS Setup for these SATA ports. How are their modes set? It almost sounds like you have one set to IDE Emulation and one set to AHCI.
  2. Yes the fact that i installed xp without having the drive connected seems to have been the problem, i formatted and installed win 7 on the ide hd and all seems well.
    except for the fact that my sata drive now disapears after a while....
    if i reboot it shows up normally and i can access any data, but suddenly it just disapears, no sign of it in disk manager or anything. weird stufff.

    thanks for the reply
  3. Check the settings for power saving on your hard drives. Maybe the SATA drive is set to go into a sleep state or something if it is not used for a while. In that case VISTA may be seeing an AHCI device suddenly turn off disconnect it.
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