Help me!! SPD 2.00 is missing in GA-G31M-ES2C

I have the following configuration:
Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2 Ghz 800 FSb
GA-G31M-ES2C Rev 1.1 Bios verson F6
PQi 2*1 667

I need to overclock my cpu but my mother board has SPD 2.66,333,4+ but 2.00 is missing. i need that fsb to run FSB:DRam 1:1. i overclock my cpu to 3Ghz but its not stable. But with 255*11 2750 Mhz its stable.
I feel my machine much faster with tight timing rather than higher clock speed.

So my question is, should i go for BSEL mod, to make my cpu 266 fsb.
Do u think that some older bios verson may have SPD 2.00 option.

Is BSEL modding is safe?

Pls help me if some one own this board.
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  1. I have a "2.00" setting on my GA-G41 and my GA-EP35-DS3P also has a "2.00" setting.

    Are you sure you don't?
  2. Yes i sure about that.Even my intel 945 GCNl had spd 2.00. But GA-G31M-ES2C Rev 1.1
    dont have SPD 2.00
  3. Strange. Afraid I can't help you. :(
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