Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme vs 9300at


I recently switched from my Zalman 9300at to the almighty Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. It dropped my temps a good 10 degrees (idle around 30 with stock everything)


I cant get my system stable on prime 95 anymore. With my 9300at I was able to easily hit 3.2ghz on my q6600 but now I cant seems to get it stable even though the temps are significantly lower. Intels Thermal manager kicks in at 55ish degrees (which is used to at 65) and drops my multiplyer from 8 to 6, then my pc shuts off. This never happened before, I am using real temp v3.4 like I did before so I know its giving my accurate readings. I tried disabling the Thermal management but it still will shut itself off 10 mins into prime 95 tests....

Why is the thermal management kicking in at lower temps?

Why is my pc shutting down?

My only guess is that I might not be getting accurate core temps but I never had this problem before and my Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is a solid step over the 9300at

System specs
Corsair 850watt
Asus P5Q SE2
Q6600 w/ go stepping w/ the stock Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme w/ stock fan
Radeon 5850
6 80mm fans

Any suggestions?
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  1. Did you update your BIOS?

    Switch back to thermalright and see how it works. If you still get the problem then you might need to replace either CPU or MB or both.
  2. Recheck your BIOS settings. Your symptoms do not make sense.

    I don't know why, but you might need to restore the stock settings and then redo the OC settings.
  3. I just dont understand what the hell is happening. The only difference is I swapped the zalman 9300at for the Ultra 120 Extreme. The Ultra doesnt cool as even as my Zalman did but even the hottest core is still cooler than what it used to be. It never breaks 60 yet Intel TM continues to clock it down to a 6x multiplyer under load and then if I disable TM it just shuts off, so obviously something is wrong.

    Thanks for the responses I realize this is absolutely ridiculous. I have a feeling this mobo might be getting the boot soon.
  4. Try putting your zalman back on and see if it still does it. As stated before your symptoms do not make any sense. Let us know if its still there.
  5. Okay so I took back the Ultra 120 Extreme and got a Tuniq Tower and temps are even better (prob due to the much better mounting system of the tuniq)


    Every time I load the CPU it will drop to a 6x multiplier after it hits around 50 degrees

    This is due to intel thermal protection kicking in

    If I disable intel thermal protection it simply shuts down when it hits 50 degrees

    My N/B is in the upper 20s and all cores between 48-51 when this happens

    I am thinking it might have been doing this all along and I never noticed till now

    I know a lot about computers as do my friends and not a single one of us can figure this out

    Any ideas? Help? Anyone want a p5q se2 for free since I am about to throw it against a f__k__g wall
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