Which is a better OC profile?

Hey Guys,

I was experimenting with the fsb and was wondering which do you think is a better overclocking profile?

Profile A


Profile B

Looking forward to your replies! Thanks!
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  1. I had always overclocked using the cpu fsb @ 200 and just increasing the multiplier but experimented this time by keeping the cpu multiplier low and increasing the cpu fsb instead. Will that help make the system faster at all? I noticed that with my previous overclocking attempts and only raising the multiplier, the memory latency that everest reports is higher and with fsb increase in overclocking, the memory latency drops. I don't quite understand this but does this mean that the system has a quicker response? Most overclocking articles I read here and on the internet only mentioned raising the multiplier and keeping the cpu fsb at 200 mhz for overclocking phenoms. Is it bad to increase the cpu fsb in amd systems? Will it destroy it? I read that in Intel systems this is what they do but will it really matter in an amd phenom system?
  2. Ok I tried pushing it some more, 250 fsb x 13 and 13.5 multiplier, still stable and running prime95 in the background as I am typing this BUT I noticed that the memory bus still remained at 500mhz @ x12 x13 and x13.5 multiplier and HT link and NB frequency were also unchanged @ 2250.1mhz at these three multiplier settings. How can you make the memory bus, HT link and NB frequency go faster?

  3. Looks like your off to a good start! If your using an aftermarket cooler you should be able to up the core voltage a little without to much problem. Just be sure to stay under 62c.
    This is where I was running my 940

  4. unclefester why is it that when I set the memory timing at it's max mode 1066 mode timings to become unganged, the system becomes unstable even with correct memory voltage? now I am just running the memory at ddr 800 specs as posted in the spd but I'm happy as it posts as ddr2 1000
  5. I see your using OCZ Gold Series, which according to their site is considered value memory, not to say that's bad, but it makes it a little more finicky to get to rated speeds. If you look at their product page under "specifications" you will see them rated at 2.1v with 2.15v EVP (Extended Voltage Protection). If your running at JDEC specs. (1.8v) your not giving them enough voltage.

    If you have already this part figured out, you may need to change your NB voltage and/or HT frequency.
  6. unclefester,

    I'm giving it enough volts ->

    It's the processor volts and nb volts that I'm afraid to mess with, especially that the options in the bios aren't really telling me how much volts it's giving ->

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    I see what you mean.
    You can go into Everest>Computer>Overclock and line 6 and 7 will tell you what the voltages are for your CPU and NB VIDs. Depending on the default voltages you may be able to bump them a notch. But it may not be worth while. I've seen were others have had trouble getting 1066 working with the 940. Besides going from @1000 to @1066 is going to make very little if any difference except a few benchmarks.
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  9. unclefester,

    I've finally found the phenom ii x4 940 SWEETSPOT!

    oc'ed without giving the cpu additional volts and so i'm keeping the temps and power consumption low. i also noticed the lower memory latency, i'm curious what your system speed will be if you did this to yours since your ram is far superior than mine. i'm guessing yours can have a memory latency of 25-30s if you have 3.5ghz and even lower latency above 3.5ghz =D

    I'm keeping it cool, 38-40 C at max load, idle 30-35 C with my triple 120mm fan H50 sandwich

    new setup

    old setup

  10. Nice!!

    The latency you see in my SS of Everest, is as low as I've gotten (24/7 anyways) with the 940. Lately I've been fighting with a 965, apparently I drew the short straw this go-round.... :fou: aarrrgggg!!!!!
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