The best way to tweak a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 for best performance??


I recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 mobo, added 4GB decent memory, and currently use a basic ADM quad-core processor.

I can provide system specifics if it will help answer this question more acurately.

I'm now ready to re-install XP Pro (clean install), and I want to make sure my BIOS settings are set to maximum performance, short of overclocking in any way.

Does anyone have any specific experience with this motherboard, as to settings, etc. to wring the last bit of performance out of it??

I'm just after a fast, stable computer, without any hassles..

Also, does anyone have an opinion as to SP3, and issues with speed and stability? vs SP2, that is...


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  1. Need more specs: CPU model, RAM type & maker; Vidcard, and cooling in place - fans, case, CPU fan/sink (important, as most setups will be 'heat limited' in the final analysis...
  2. Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4
    AMD Phenomx4 9550
    WD 160 GB 1600aajs SATA HD
    Sapphire ATI 3870 Ultra Silent 512 mb
    Corsair PC2-6400 4GB
    XP SP3 all updates applied
    indexing/sys restore off

    Ultra quiet/cool system settings for fans and cpu cooler
  3. Basically,

    I want to create a speedy, stable system without overclocking or making my system unstable.

    All of my components chosen were picked to be quiet and stable and decent quality for longevity. My current system is dead quiet, perfect for my living room setting.

    I have been a long time ASUS user, and this is my 1st Gigabyte board, and I'm very happy. I'm just not familiar enough with their products to know if I have everything configured correctly for speed as well as stability.

    I realize it's a tradeoff either way. Thats maybe why I'm looking for advice, etc...

  4. Anyone care to take a shot at this??

    Just looking for a bit of guidance and advice


  5. oregonxfile said:
    Anyone care to take a shot at this??

    Just looking for a bit of guidance and advice



    are you still there? I'm using the same board..few months old..its ok but not that good compared to newer 790FX/GX chipsets..running PII 720 @ 3.7Ghz..but I have trouble running 1066 Ram with this board.. and you could even fry an egg on the NB heatsink too..for what ever reason- I'm unable to adjust the HTT more then 202Mhz even with +0.2V NB..
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