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Hey I downloaded OFFICIAL Windows 7, but there is no ISO file so how do I make it bootable? There is a setup.exe file but since i have VISTA 32 bit i cannot clean install to W7 64 . So what do I do???? PLZ HELP!?
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  1. You can't make it bootable, you need the iso file or the dvd. The exe file is for upgrading from 64 bit to 64 bit.
    Contact the store you bought it from and ask for the iso.
  2. i have the iso dvd,how to install it on the pc?thanks in advance!
  3. lysander18 said:
    i have the iso dvd,how to install it on the pc?thanks in advance!

    Mount the iso image with magiciso. Download from

    Then, burn it on a dvd. Then you can either boot it off dvd or install it within existing windows.
  4. i downloaded IMG BURN best program made my exe bootable lol
  5. 1* create a folder named "win7" in D drive and copy DVD contents to it (ie: d:\win7\)
    2 * download cdimage.exe from
    3* copy cdimage.exe to ROOT drive of d:\
    4* then use command prompt & change dir to d:\ (just type"d:\")
    5* type the following command "cdimage.exe -lWIN7_EN_DVD -m -u2 -bd:\win7\boot\ d:\win7\d: \win7x86.iso"
    6* windows windowa7 and vista bootable requires UDF file system & the above command creates the iso image with UDF file system.
    7* burn the iso to DVD restart & boot from the DVD
    8* 100% working... Tested Already...!!
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