Can my PSU support any of these cards?

PSU: Acbel 450W
Combined 12v rail output 25A

I'm on a very tight budget here, and I'm planning on getting the 9800GT, or 9800GTX+ if I can find one.

nVidia listed that the GT require 400W and GTX+ is 450W

So my question here is, how close can I get to these requirement? Do they set this requirement higher a little to be safe, or lower for marketing purposes?

My system here is
C2D E6550
Intel G33 motherboard
2x 1GB Ram
2 standard casing fan and a DVD drive

Absolutely no overclocking or anykind of casing mod.

Can I run the 9800GT or GTX+ on my system?

Thank you very much.
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  1. ya u can run a 9800GT but nt sure abt the GTX+ though....but it were to be a very gud quality like corsair or antec earthwatts the sure it can run both...
    but my suggestion would be stick to the be on the safer side...
  2. Acbel is one of the best brands from what I understand. Their PSUs are re branded by many top brands however despite their build quality I doubt a 300W(12v * 25A) is going to cut it.
  3. i have a machine with HD3870 OCed and 6000+ OCed
    and they are Powerd with Acbel 470w 28A combined
    so i think yours will be ok with 9800gt rebranded 8800gt
    but like gkay09 am not sure about the GTX
  4. Is the 4850 not being taken into consideration?

    I'm running mine on a no-name 350 watt.

    'course, I'm only running one hard drive but that hardly accounts for the fact.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the replies

    well, I was told that ATi do have a card that has better performance but also cost more than the 9800GTX+. Though I'm not sure if he meant the HD3870, or the 3850.

    I'll take a look at them again later on from reviews. I'm not exactly up to date with these new hardware, lol
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