Svchost.exe using 99% CPU, help!

I've cleaned the pc from viruses, etc. and all seems good except it's still slow. A quick look at task manager tells me the SVCHOST.EXE process is using 99% of the CPU. Is there anything I can do to investigate why? Thanks very much!!!
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    You can download and run Process Explorer to see what's calling svchost.
  2. Process Explorer worked perferctly! Thanks very much!
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  4. hey fellow geeks so theres lie 4 svhost in task man wat r they all 4 n ist there a way to disable them
  5. hey welshhotty2010, your question should probably be posted on a new thread. But I will go ahead and give my answer. This link explains it quite well. But you can also do a search on "what is svchost.exe?" and find different answers as well.
  6. um ive disable all non essential services in services.msc but the remaining 4 svhost i cant disable without screwing the com-puter up as there essential.

    Typically u cant disable workstation in services.msc cos ull get RPC and other errors.

    I read in a networking security book that workstsation should b disabled cos it can be comprimised. I give up
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