ATI FireGL v7300 - Gaming performance?


I got my hands on a ATI FireGL V7300 512MB (was lying around my dad's workplace). It retails for bout $1100! My question is, does this card have any gaming potential, does it compare to any gaming graphics card or is it just pointless to use it in a pc used mainly for gaming.

I'm thinking of upgrading soon (Q6600, 4GB DDR800, etc), should i add a new GC or just use this one?

Thanx for the input.
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  1. It is compariable to a X1800XT which is an outdated card.
    You would be much better getting a current card like the 4850.
  2. You could buy a new GPU for $150 that will simply run run circles around it, spank it, and then run more circles around it.
    Yeah, just leave it laying around at your dad's work, you don't need or want it.
  3. The thing is with that card as well, it's a workstation card, designed more for like autocad, autodesk inventor, etc. Not for gaming.
  4. ^+1.

    You could sell that card and get a nice PC :D !
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