Slow raid, Maxxed out at 125 MB/s

I bought 2 samsung F3 500gb drives and put them in raid 0, i first tried my motherboard raid, it is gigabyte p35-ds3, it only has jmicron controller, i got arounf 120 mb/s.

I am now trying a pci-e 1x raid card with silicon image chip sil3132 and the max i get is 125 mb/s even though this card says it supports sata 2 and 3 Gb/s

What should i try next.
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  1. Is your CPU very busy while running these tests? I'm wondering if you have a PIO problem.
  2. No, cpu usage is only 5-10%
  3. Beats me, then. But it does look like you have some sort of bottleneck - transfer rates normally decrease toward the inner tracks of the disk (the 100% mark on the graph) - the fact that they're not changing suggests that throughput is being throttled somewhere.
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