gtx 260 core 216 sli(oc) vs 4870x2

I plan on building a computer soon based on the core i7 920 processor and the x58 mobo

The system would have 3 gigs of ram but i have some issues

i dont know weather it would be better to get 2 gtx 260 core 216 (oced) or to get 1 4870x2, i know they are both beastily.

i would be gaming at 1920x1200

would it be better to get a 4870x2 and invest in a little more ram, or to get 2 of the gtx 260 core 216 (superclocked)

also i was planning to get a antec 1200, but it looks like i will have to save some money and move down to a 900, will that be a big problem in space/heat?
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  1. You'd need a big PSU for the GTX 260 SLI. Two GTX 260 216 cards and a Corsair 1000HX cost $250+$250+$240, for example.

    One Visiontek HD 4870 X2 and a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W cost $530+$100 at newegg right now. That's about $100 less.

    The Antec 900 has great cooling and it's roomy enough for those cards, no worries.

    In Crysis, at 1920x1200, GTX 260 SLI gives 51.5 fps. The HD 4870 X2 gives 39.8 fps. In Age of Conan it's the other way round, with the HD 4870 X2 winning 56 vs 46 against the GTX 260 SLI. Both differences are irrelevant IMO because anything between 40 fps and 56 fps is already very nice.

    If you can get 6 GB of RAM instead of 3 GB do it. I can't find a good article showing the difference, but the difference between 2 GB and 4 GB is big.

    If the budget is a problem, go with a Q9550/GA-EP45-UD3P/HD 4870 X2/4GB DDR2-800 combo. It should be cheaper, with a $110 MB and $40 RAM.
  2. Go with the 4870x2, later on down the road, you can CF that with another, you'll essentially be leaving room for an upgrade...
  3. prolly too late when you read this but you could have bought two evga 260's for 340 after rebate at newegg. :cry:
  4. Homeboy2 said:
    prolly too late when you read this but you could have bought two evga 260's for 340 after rebate at newegg. :cry:

    That's a very nice price. Just be careful with the fine print there - they might send only one rebate if you place the orders for the same address.
  5. I am currently running BFG 260 core 216 (sli) That I upgraded from 8800gt oc (sli). I tested the cards with Crysis @ the highest lvl with 4x AA and got 30fps @ 1920-1200 single player. Oh one other thing I have a 750w PS and 2 150 raided.
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