Hard Drive Dissapears after installing 2nd SATA Drive

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a 1.5TB Seagate SATA HDD Which I will be using as a data drive. I have my Primary 320gig sata hd which i use for windows. Now when I go to install the 1.5tb Drive, it detects it on first boot in the bios. when it trys to boot, it hangs on a black screen and doesnt move. When I go to restart, the 320 Primary Drive dissapears and only the 1.5tb drive is visable.

So what I've tryed to do is ive disconnected the 1.5tb drive, i left the 320 drive connected and it booted up fine. got into windows and worked as normal. but when I plugged in the 2nd drive it doesnt boot up. and when it doesnt boot, you restart and the 320 dissapears.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I took

1) Changed SATA Cables
2) Changed the sata order (Plugged primary in SATA 2 and DATA HD in SATA 3 to see if the ports are faulty
3)Took out the IDE CD-ROM
4) Tryed to mess around in the bios and nothing worked.

ps there was a white pin in the primary hd which i took out
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  1. Oh I'm also using an ASUS P5N-D motherboard with the BIOS version of 1101
  2. What do you mean, "ps there was a white pin in the primary hd which i took out"? Did you removed a jumper from a pair of pins on the original 320 GB drive? Although some SATA drives have jumpers on pins, LEAVE THEM ALONE unless you really understand them. There is NO setting of Master or Slave on SATA drives. So if you pulled off a jumper, put it back exactly where it was.

    I sounds as if your BIOS is having trouble figuring out which HDD to use to boot. You are supposed to set that in BIOS. Boot into BIOS Setup and go the the place where you set Boot Priority Sequence. Set it to try your optical drive first, then your old 320 GB HDD that has your OS installed on it. Set it NOT to try any other device after that. Save and Exit, and your machine should boot from the 320.
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