Should I SLI a 8800 gts g92 or should i step up to gtx 260 core 216

I have EVGA 8800 GTS 512mb g92 already and im wondering is it better in price and performance and future proof is it worth it till 2010 compared to a GTX 260 core 216 and mid 2009 ill get another to sli gtx 260, but i was wondering if it was better for me to go sli 8800 gts by buying another 8800 gts 512 at tigerdirect for only 150 bucks so i would have spent a total of $270 bucks only compared to the gtx 260 core 216 that already cost around $260 bucks itself, i run another setup for my younger brother and also got a q6600 @3.4ghz and 1680x1050 res also so is it better for me to go 8800 gts SLI route that would cost a total of $270 vs single GTX 260 core 216 and later on get another for sli and that total might range from 450-550 so is it worth it in performance difference because i wouldnt want to spend over an extra 200-300 just to get not much fps difference. please help deal for the 8800 gts 512mb on tigerdirect for $150 might disappear, so main question for now is should i get another 8800 gts from tigerdirect for 150 or should i just wait another month to just get a GTX 260 core 216 and let that 8800 gts i already got for physx processor? thank you guys in advance i know this is a huge long sentence but hopefully you guys can see what im trying to ask.
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  1. gtx 260

    although don't EVER go sli... by the time you want more performance a better card is out...

    Also what resolution are you playing at?

    1680 by 1050 a single card is fine and a gtx 260 or a 4870 will do you fine... probably a 4870 but at 1920 by 1200 a gtx 260 will do you better...

    ONCE AGAIN don't ever go sli unless you NEED the performance of it... SLI isn't necessary for the vast majority of gamers only a single card will do and then by the time you need more performance... the next gen cards will be out... plus most multi-card setups don't always scale properly so i stay away from them in general
  2. Sli it. They'll perform far better than any expensive single card. Here's 9800gx2, which is 2 g92 in one card.,2073-28.html
  3. That article is just bs lol. 2 280 lose to 1 9800 GX2 :P a 9800 GX2 beating a 4870 X2?

    Come on give me a break!!!!

    I'd do the 260 GTX since it would cost less and give you less hassle than 2 slower cards combine.

    although frame rates would be better with sli, downt he road when the 260 GTX becomes cheaper you can add 1 or 2 more to get some serrious frame rates!
  4. I am playing at 22in 1680x1050 and to add i already have a 8800 gts g92 so isnt it a waste of money if i just go out and buy a gtx 260, because i already have one card and i see its only 150 bucks for another and that would add up to be $270 bucks for me only considering that i got my first 8800 gts g92 for only $120 brand new. i see that a gtx 260 core 216 lowest price is $250 about. the thing is i just dont want to have to waste the 8800 gts i just bought for 120 and then buying a gtx 260 and cant sli those two for sure, so whats the best situation for me now, oh yea one more thing i wanted to go sli because i got an Asus p5nd 750i and i dont like to waste that second pci express 2.0 x16 slot on the plus i could get another gts for only 150. for all the experts and opinions please guide me.
  5. I'd buy the second 8800GTS, at those prices.

    What kind of power supply do you have? Just checking that it's good enough for two cards...
  6. I'll tell you what. I've been looking at some benchmark reviews lately. Found one that showed that two 9800GTX+ cards in SLI beat out the 9800GX2 (which is two 9800GTX put into one card).

    The 9800GTX is an 8800GTS (G92). It's the same freaking card, nVidia just put new labels on it and enabled TRI-SLI I think? Same performance.

    Now there's a difference between the GTX 260 and GTX 260 core 216. If I were going to buy a GTX I'd get the core 216. Just read a rumor earlier today that nVidia may stop making the original GTX 260, in favor of the core 216? Not sure though, like I said it was a rumor I just heard.

    I've got an 8800GTS (G92) myself, and run Crysis on Very High (albeit lower FPS). I'm not sure that an upgrade is worth it for me. SLI might be better than GTX 260 over all.
  7. I have those cards SLIed and everything works fine for me. Far Cry i can turn all the settings to max w/ no AA on 1600x1050 and its run smooth the entire time. Crysis Warhead was a little slow in some spots, though overall everything worked just fine. COD4 runs perfect, everything all up and enabled and I capped the fps at like 100 annd it runs super smooth, i never have any problems with that. If you JUST bought this card, why not get another one because if you get a 260, then you are just wasting you previous investment. Though you could use that card as a dedicated physix card now with the new drivers. That is also something to consider. I think when i upgrade, I would get a super fast card and keep one of my GTS's for physix. This seems like a good idea in theory, but someone can correct me if im wrong.
  8. +1 for AEVM
  9. I'd go for the gtx260 if you can, I was going to buy another 8800GT for sli for my next build, but I traded up instead and got my 260 for like 10 bucks and now I'm going to build a new rig with a 2nd 260, should be fun.
  10. Thanks again everybody for replying soo quickly, my computer specs:
    q6600 @3.4ghz
    Asus P5ND 750i sli
    640gb hdd western digital
    2 gig patriot ram 4-4-4-12 timing something like that
    evga 8800 gts 512
    antec p180 silver
    coolermaster hyper 212 cooler
    coolermaster 650watt extreme power (now im think if i have enough for my setup like i got a quad at oc'd speed 3.4ghz and then if i get two 8800 gts 512)
    i love my 1680x1050 res, not expensive for other components to compensate but sweet spot for me.

    i dont know what else to provide, but oh yea i would like to thank aevm for reminding me to ask if that power supply would be ok and also thank billin30 for showing me proof of the power of the 8800 gts sli, i do play crysis, warhead, and far cry 2 those to me are probably the most demanding games i play but i do play ALL TYPES of games. if anybody have anymore specs like mine but with two 8800gts sli at 1680x1050res than please let me know more games u guys play and how good is sli.
  11. The 8800GTS 512GB performs great in SLI. If you already have a SLI motherboard and PSU powerful enough to run them i'd go 2- 8800GTS in SLI.
  12. If you can get 2 x 260s now id go for it but you never end up getting a 2nd card as somethin better comes out. I know from experience get the 2 cards together if you can.Although 2 x gts isn't a bad option bt any means.
  13. Another +1 for aevm.

    I'm in the same boat. The cool thing is that supposedly the nVidia 180 drivers (currently in beta) will allow you to mix and match cards of the same series, or use one as a physX card.

    I am thinking of another 8800 GTS myself, the prices are so low.
  14. Some games scale better with SLI than others. A single GPU will probably be more consistent.

    However, since you already have the motherboard and psu neeeded to run a second EVGA 8800gts-512, I suggest that you try it and see if you are satisfied. If it works well , then well and good.
    If you are not satisfied, Use the EVGA step-up program within 90 days to something better, and sell your old card on e-bay.

    I would wait a week or two, though, since there are rumors of a Nvidia price cut, and a launch of the 55nm version of the 200 series.

    I am in the same situation with an upcoming i7 build. My plan is to wait a bit for either a price cut or 55nm parts which should run cooler. I am a bit reluctant to add a second heat source in the case if I don't have to.

    Please post what you do, and how it works out.
  15. Since you already have an 8800GTS, get another one and SLi them. You'll get some serious performance, so long as you have a PSU to handel it and a CPU to keep up. Keep in mind that there will be some min frame issues, especially in games that don't support SLi well, but overall you will get a good benefit and having those two cards will generally be faster than a single 260.
  16. ok so i did a little more online shopping and i see at and i see a Palit GTX 260 the regular one 192stream processor and its only 199.99 no tax and only 1.99 shipping making it only $201.98 for the regular GTX 260 so that seems to catch my eye but then again is it better to just spend $150 to do sli 8800 gts or go to a GTX 260 at $201.98 only. and i do see some more like EVGA SC and BFG for 220-225 also on tigerdirect, theres the link.
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