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Hey all, I thought I would ask here first, knowing this is the end all be all forums for this awesome stuff. Well anywho, I am about to get the lian li armorsuit fulltower P90 case, and I DESPERATELY want a large full side window to expose the system guts that I am pouring all my money into. (new build is going to be around $2400) I have raked through the internet to find one, but to no avail... :cry:

I know the answer is going to come up, "why dont you just make one yourself?"----the answer to that is because not only do I SUCK with tools and dont have ones needed, But i was born physically unable to. Aka jacked up hands.

If any of you guys could point me in the right direction of a full window for this case i would LOVE it
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  1. Probably not, but there are people who mod cases for fun and profit ;)

    It's not a huge operation. Jigsaw, Dremel, tape, plexiglass... I'm not volunteering but it's not a big deal. There's a youtube video that lays out how it's done.
  2. Yes i already looked at it.. A little too hard IMO with my condition. I just really need a window for this beast
  3. I would mod it for you if you shipped it out and paid for supplies and $50 labor.
  4. I take it you ment PC-P80 case? I have one right here and just bought the side with a window right in it.

    Here is the link to the site and one I bought for my rig, The Lian-Li PC-75B side door is a direct match for the case. In fact any side door for a PC-75 works on the PC-P80. The also sell other versions.

    Made a good addition to the case as you can see in my avvitar.
  5. Take it down to a local body or metal shop, and ask if their willing to work on it for you. It may just be an interesting project they may do just for fun as a little break from the ordinary. Just remember I said body shop, which is a place where they do body work on cars like fix dents, and other body damage (alot of people confuse body/auto shops, because some do both others don't).

    Though I think your best bet is a metal shop that will do custom work. And good luck getting it done.
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