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Hello, pendrive is write protected since last few days i cant delete any files in the pendrive give me any solution...i wil be pleased if u do so.
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  1. After reading through some hardwareanalysis forums, here are some things to try.
    First, get any important files off of the drive.
    Second, look carefully for a write protect switch on the drive. These can be very small, so be thorough.
    Then if these don't work, try one or more of the following (tailored for XP, though I would guess that at least some will work in the newer systems that I don't have): go to my computer and right click on the drive and select format. If this doesn't work, try (credit to John Biggs of the forums):
    "Start->Settings->Control Panel
    Administrative Tools
    Computer Management
    Under Storage in the left panel, click on Disk Management, wait a minute for Windows to do whatever it is doing,......
    Locate the data stick/thumb drive/whatever-you-want-to-call it, in the right top window and click on it.
    Right click
    in the popup, click on "Delete Partition" -- make darn sure you are doing this to the RIGHT drive!!!!!
    Right click again, and choose "Create Partition" (or was it format, I forget maybe it was both)."

    It sounds like this problem could just mean that the drive is dead - maybe from removing it while writing or something.
    Again, these are from what a search would have turned up - if you want to read all of these threads and not just the highlights go to
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