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How far can i overclock?

I have a q9550 cpu currently running quite stable at 3.3Ghz. In order to overclock further, i need to raise my memory frequenct as well. I want to reach a clock of 3.8 Ghz with my cpu, which means that my 800 Mhz memory needs to be overclocked to about 900 Mhz. My RAM has decent heat spreaders (shown in pic below) and my case has good cooling (NZXT Tempest with 6 fans). Is there any way I can reach 900 Mhz? if not, how far can i go? thank you.
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  1. Just like your cpu, we can not tell you how far your ram will overclock. You will have to test it yourself. I kind of doubt you will reach 900mhz though. Also, you can decrease the effect of raising the fsb on the ram by switching the ration to 1:1.
  2. yes but even when the ratio is 1:1, I can't set my fsb higher than 1600 Mhz with my 800 Mhz memory, can I? btw I raised it to 825 Mhz and it is still quite stable.
  3. Yeah man, your going to need to test out how fast you can clock the ram. You may need to add more dram voltage.

    There is a setting in some motherboards where you can unlink the ram to the FSB. You will need to look through your bios to see if you have this setting though.
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    Most of the DDR2-1066 RAM is just DDR2-800 RAM with increased voltage and more relaxed timing.

    If your RAM is 4-4-4-12, run it at 5-5-5-15 and raise the voltage one or two tenths as long as the final voltage is no more than 2.2 volts..
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