Sonic Unleashed for the wii uses Havok Engine

Its the first Time that I've seen a Wii game (though I don't check often) that uses the havok engine. Its very refreshing to see it:)

Just wanted to post it maybe some1 is interested.

Sonic Unleashed for the Wii uses havok:D I bought the game 2day and saw it on the back of the case:P
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  1. How is the game?
  2. I love it, the wii version faired off better than both the Xbox 360 and PS3 (theses 1s have unbeleivable lag from what Ign said).

    Wii one uses the motion very nicely:D
  3. I can't use a Wii yet, got it for my mom for x-mas... she really wants one so I have to wait to play with it lol
  4. I think the last Sonic game on the Wii used Havok, and I know Super Smash Bros Brawl used Havok also. Also, if the PS3 and 360 version of the game lag but the Wii version does not, I'd expect the game to look VERY different on a graphical level. Then again, Sega and Sonic Team have not made a good game in years, so perhaps they really are that bad.
  5. The Xbox 360 and ps3 one use the Hedgehob engine, which uses latest gen. But it lags like a beast both the original sonic and this 1. I don't kno why they made the same mistake twice and didn't use the WII engine.

    Reviewers said they can barely tell the difference its just a little more crisp. As for fun factor the wii version has the advantage with motion added to the game.

    Whats funny is that the 360/PS3 one was made by the official team, and the wii one was made by a separate team:P

    Its just the engine from sonic and the secret of the rings upgraded.
  6. Yes, Smash bros. Brawl and even Melee for the Gamecube used Havok.
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