Computer Problem, not sure if it's CPU

Ok here's the deal, my computer has been freezing during gameplay on pretty much all games i play for the past 3 months. Last night however, i was playin CoD WaW and it froze like 3 times in the course of an hour. So i did the standard restart then a legit restart just to make sure it was fresh. Now i know that my computer isn't the best thing out there but i do know that my specs can blow any game thus far out of the water and shouldn't be having this issue unless it's a hardware problem.

So here's what happened on the 3rd restart, after the 3rd restart my computer would fire up, get to the boot sequence and the shut down, i tried again just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.... however unlikely it was a fluke i still tried. So after it did the same thing i checked my power switch on the case to make sure it wasn't sticking, fired it up 1 more time. This time i made it to the windows didn't shut down properly screen so i did a scissor kick but i celebrated to early. The comp shut down again on its own, so i tried 1 last time, and the last time i tried my 120mm fan and my video wasn't working, the comp stayed on for a good 5 minutes this time then finally shut down on it's own. At this point i opened the case and noticed that 2 of the prongs on the socket 775 processor fan weren't connected to the mobo. So at this point i thought it was an over heating issue, connected them back to the mobo fired it up, same thing, no video, fan wasn't working, power for 5 minutes or so then shut down.

I haven't had time to do anything other than that as i had to work early today, so having 11 years of PC experience i know that it could be any number of things causing this, however i strongly feel it's CPU, MoBo, or PSU, now all my stuff is under warranty still so that's not a big deal. The problem is i don't have spare parts to swap in and out to troubleshoot that way, so im posting on here. Any suggestions on what it could possibly be?

In case you're wondering my comp specs are:

Q6600 at 2.4ghz
BFG 680i mobo
4 gigs hyper x ddr2 kingston ram
bfg 8800 gt oc edition vid card
680w antec powersupply
4 80mm case fans
1 120mm fan
2 power supply fans
1 cpu fan

the airflow comes in from front, side, and top via the 80mm fans and out the back via PSU fan and 120mm fan, this setup keeps my comp runnin at 75-85 degrees F.

Any suggestions, opinions, help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. With you having a 680i MB, that means you can actually see post codes from the MB. Depending on what those are (if they display anything), then you have your first information. If it isn't displaying any post codes, and you have a pc speaker connected to the MB (to hear the beeps), then your first candidate for replacement is probably the MB itself.

    However, before you do anything else, when you get home, boot the computer and see if it does the same thing. If it doesn't, then I would state that the processor (and thus the MB) shutdown your pc automatically to save the processor from overheating due to the heatsink being disconnected.

    Further, if the heatsink was disconnected, there is no telling how long it has been that way. (And, with the way thermal paste works...) Just "reattaching the heatsink" isn't enough. You'll need to remove the heatsink, clean the old dry thermal paste off it and the processor, and then reapply paste.
  2. that being said i did get a post code of 1d, looked in manual couldn't quite decipher what that meant, the speaker itself is not plugged in but because i was able to get a post code im assuming its not the mobo. Also all lights light up on the mobo as well, but the overheating issue, would that cause video not to work and a fan to not turn on? i will re apply thermal paste tonight as that was one of my options to try. On a side note i let my comp sit for about 3 hours and tried to turn it back on before bed got the same thing.

    keep em coming thanks
  3. "two of the prongs on the processor fan weren't connected to the mobo..." Are you talking about the wires/connector for the CPU cooling fan?? If you are, you have been running with inadequate cooling for your CPU and it may be fried. Or it could just be shutting down due to overheating.
    You have certainly got enough case ventilation to prolong a heat shutdown. Must be like a wind tunnel when all those fans are going.
    I would also check the Power Supply.
  4. no i was talking about the 4 little pins or prongs if you will that attach the cpu fan to the mobo, the fan was connected and running properly just wasn't tightly secured on the mobo. at any rate yes it is like a wind tunnel in there it's actually pretty nice lol.

    I called BFG tech and told them the post code i was getting on my mobo, they siad reset cmos which i did, and it failed. If that didnt work then my mobo was most likely toast, so i printed off RMA and set up rush replacement. Should have my new mobo within 4 days. Thanks for the comments, sorry if i wasn't able to explain it very well =/

    Anyway i should be back up and running in no time, didn't really want to wait, but i guess it's better than forking over another 150 bucks for a brand new one. PEACE NINJAS!!!!
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