Blu-Ray playback is choppy

I recently bought a Lite-On 4x Blu-Ray drive and I am currently using PowerDVD 10 as a player. When I try and play a blu-ray disc, the video and audio are choppy, freezing constantly, making the movie unwatchable. My system specs are as follows:

ASUS Maximus III Formula
4GB G.Skill Ripjaws RAM
Lite-On 4x Blu-Ray Drive
Win 7 x64
PowerDVD 10

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. I've got a 5670, recently.

    I've got half your RAM and I'm running vista 32 bit.

    So, forgive the difference, but just wondering whether turning off any aero/ win7 equivalent, would help? I had a problem with the GPU, and I reverted to window's classic. Sorted.

    Hopefully my Blu Ray playback won't hit this snag, i've just ordered a drive.
  2. i've tried running without aero and it made no difference
  3. I've got the LG Blu-ray drive in computer E6400 w/ ATI 4870 and using PowerDVD 7.3 and anyDVD and it Plays fine. 2nd computer I5-750 w/ATI5770 and PowerDVD 9 and it plays fine. Two laptops neither Highend and I swapped in a Blu-ray player/DVD writer and they both work fine, infact one laoptop the cpu is listed as too slow.

    These kind of problems can be hard to track down, but should be able to resolved.

    (1) Have you verified if in PIO, or DMA mode. Not sure how this playes out with sata drives.
    (2) have you tried different modes in BIOS for DVD drives.
    (3) Possible driver conflict, Have you run a reg cleaner such as CCleaner.
    (4) Have you tried to uninstalled/reinstall:
    GPU Drivers
    Remove DVD driver from System, reboot computer.

    Others may have some other ideas.
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