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Hi everyone i was wondering if someone might know of a simple freeware software what can clone my hard drive but also acts like <sysprep> so i can clone the hard drive and use it on a new <diffrent>upgraded motherboard without looseing data
any Tips? the data on the hard drive is backed up every day but im just thinking maybe within the next couple of months i might want to upgrade the motherboard and dont want any conflicts apart from changeing drivers ect any links or information would be great thanks
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  1. For cloning, both Seagate and WD will let you download for free their tools, but each works only to make clones TO drives from that manufacturer. Seagate has Disk Wizard, WD had Acronis True Image WD Edition. If you buy someone else's HDD, check their website for such free utilities.

    What you want to do MIGHT work if you're really lucky. Moving an HDD with Windows already installed on it to a new mobo means that MANY of the drivers installed on the HDD (for mobo devices) are all wrong. In most cases this means it cannot boot at all. There is a way to fix this that works sometimes, but not always - depends on how bad a mismatch there is. To do this you need an original Install Disk for the version of Windows you already have on the HDD. After the upgrade on the VERY FIRST boot-up, you must boot from the Install disk and choose to do a REPAIR INSTALL. What this tries to do is take an inventory of all the devices on the mobo it finds, and another list of all the drivers that Windows already has installed on the HDD, and fix all the mismatches with drivers from the Install CD. Sometimes this solves all the problems, sometimes not. If it works, I recommend updating all your device drivers again from websites if you can. If the Repair Install can't get you going, your alternative will be a fresh install of everything, starting with Windows from the Install disk.
  2. Thanks for the reply good tips ill have to remeber that many thanks
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