I canceled the repair process...Pls help!

I canceled a repair process for Win XP Pro and now every time i run the Setup CD it says i have to continue or install a new one. If I choose to continue, it says it cannot locate my windows installation folder. Now I can run win XP fine But its very slow and kasperky got corrupted, which is no biggie but i know my win XP is messed up somehow and i'd like to repair again. By the way, I ran the Windows XP setup CD inside my Windows XP. And I don't have any restore points to restore to. :(

So if anyone knows which files I need to delete to make it somehow "forget" everything and let me do a proper repair, please help me! Thanks a ton!
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  1. At this point the easiest way to fix this would be to back up all of your documents and perform a full system restore.
  2. Hi thanks for your reply but i turned off System Restore long ago. Besides, everything seems to be working fine now. Its just a little slow and I cant seem to perform repair (in the future i may really need that). So I would not want to do a clean install now and lose everything :(
  3. Not system restore as in using the restore points, he meant reload Windows from a clean setup. You should run a full anti-virus scan and a Malwarebytes scan at the least. Just because it's working OK now does not mean you don't have viruses, quite a few of them are there to steal account and password info. Hope you don't do any banking on this computer.
  4. Thanks for your reply the-9! I'm pretty sure my problem is not because of viruses. I have always been running kasperky and its still running now. The problem is that i manually canceled the repair process while windows setup was copying some files into my system. Now those files make the setup think its still in progress so it wont let me start over. I just would love to know which files they are so i can get rid of em. :(
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