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My IBM p275 21" FD Trinitron is blueish... At stock settings black is blueish...

In the expert zone of the colors settings if i set blue brightness at 0 and all other settings at 100% (including contrast) then i get an almost "black" black... but in the main window of the nokia test i can see the blue lines "shadowing" the purple matrix...

Is there anyway that i can fix this?
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  1. The monitor color settings have to be reset.

    Under OPTION using the COLOR MODE - PRESET...EXPERT is way too Blue for me.

    Then Click on COLOR: PRESET then select COLOR RETURN and then OK...It will take a minute or 2 to correct and the blue shade along with the blue lines will go away.

    My settings are currently set with BRIGHTNESS At 50 and CONTRAST at 85% with 1600x1200 85Hz.

    I hope this helps.
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