Toshiba TECRA M2 Boot problems


Silly me bought a Toshiba TECRA M2 Laptop off eBay

Needless to say it dont work !

The power lights will come on, but that is as far as it will go.

I have attached it to external monitor, still the same result

I have taken it apart, and there was hardly any dust/dirt

started it up with the keyboard not connected to see if the fan started to spin, but nothing !

I left it on for a half hour or so, and the CPU was quite warm, so it is getting that far.

I removed the memory, and then reseated it, but it still aint fixed.

Any other ideas ?
or do I need a need board?

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  1. Sounds like a power problem. Not getting juice from the wall.
  2. when you plug the lappy into the wall you should get two lights at the front on, then when you power the unit up there are three - how many lights do you have and are they amber or green...

    If the third light comes on - does it sound like it's booting - if you stick a DVD / CD in does it try to spin it up and read it on boot?

    And the CPU fan only spins up when the CPU gets to a certain temp...

    PS I have an M2 - lovely little lappy but sounds like you got a dud :(
  3. did you check the memory under key board i have a m2 s630 has two one in side and one on the bottom flip over if it is not there remove the key board should be two memory slots good luck
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