Restore firmware - reflash nand flash?

I have a realtek rtd1283 HDD Multimedia player with 2 GB Nand Flash.
The official firmware is a linux based operating system. Linux is used. The environment uses BusyBox 1.1.3
Built-in shell .
I installed on it a wrong firmware and now the response of the player is just " wrong hardware" and hangs. I cannot do anything to see the menu to upgrade the firmware ( I have the img. file of the right firmware)
What can I do to reinstall its own firmware.?
many thanks
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  1. I too had the same problem with my realtek rtd1282 HDD multimedia player. I used the wrong firmware to upgrade. Nothing happened to the device as when I clicked continue the device rebooted and never came back to the DvdPlayer screen.

    How when I switch on I get the DVD-RW blue screen. The USB drive works when I connect to computer. I need the right firmware to try. I can put the image file on the HDD and start the player.

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