ATI HD 3200: I lose sound on my HTPC when I change inputs on my TV...

So... yea.

When I change the input on my TV (to switch to my cable box) and then switch back to the HTPC, the sound no longer works. The only way to get it to work is to either restart the computer or change the resolution through Catalyst Control Center.

My computer is connected via HDMI cable to my 46" Sharp LCD TV and I use the HDMI for sound.

My system:
Gigabyte MA-GA78GM-S2H
Windows Vista 64 Ultimate
2 Gb RAM
1 x 160 Gb HDD
1 x 750 Gb HDD
1 x 1 Tb HDD

ATI Driver is version 8.11 (just added 11/12/08)

I've done searches on this for months now and can't find a definitive answer. The driver release notes on ATI's site don't help either.

If this is in the wrong place, I am sorry.. please move it. TIA.
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  1. No one??????
  2. Well, I've now updated all ATI drivers, RealTek drivers, and am still having the issue. Is there not anyone who can point me in the right direction on this forum? Is it an ATI problem? Is it a Vista problem? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  3. It is not isolated to Vista. My setup is a gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H using ATI HD3200 and Realtek Audio, HDMI out to my samsung LN32 TV, VGA out to a local monitor, and windows XP. Note that my issue is a little different from yours in that I am looking for a consistent way to select HDMI audio, not necessarily to have it automatically come out, but I thought I'd update with info that may be of use to you.

    When I first set this up, I was always able to get HDMI audio, either automatically or selectable through realtek audio manager, even after switching away inputs. I was running windows XP sp2 but unfortunately I do not remember what version of ATI catalyst drivers/ccc i was running. I recently reformatted and am now running windows XP sp3 and ATI v8.11 with the same hardware configuration. Now, most of the time I cannot get the HDMI Audio option to even show up in the Realtek audio manager without rebooting while setting the TV's input to that HDMI connection. Other times, I am able to get it to come up when changing my primary display setting to the TV instead of the monitor (which is what I normally have it configured as). I say this is an ATI problem for the following reasons:

    1) numerous people have similar issues with this graphics chipset when using varying displays and varying operating systems
    2) my hardware config is the same but I have varying results with XP SP2 and unknown ATI catalyst version vs. XP SP3 and ATI v8.11 vs. XP SP3 and Omega Drivers
    3) this is a very typical issue if EDID is not handled well by the graphics driver. When you switch away from the HDMI input on the TV, hot plug voltage on the HDMI is no longer telling the PC that a display is connected. some graphics drivers will re-read EDID when hot plug votlage is present again (when the HDMI comes back), some will not --just depends on implementation. In theory, in my setup, by making my TV the primary display when I switch back to HDMI, the graphics driver should re-read EDID, realize i have an HDMI display, and then allow me to output HDMI audio. BUT IT DOESN'T AND IT IS FRUSTRATING AS HELL.

    hope this helps!

    Built 3 HTPCs, (1 for me and 2 for 2 different friends all identical machines except for the cases.)
    2 of them have this exact same issue!
    And the other cannot get HDMI sound to work at all.
    Have tried all Realtek drivers from R203 to R211 with no luck. (With several I get no sound at all)
    Have tried multiple ATI catalysts also with no luck.

    Here's the specs:

    Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H MBs 2 are v1.0, other (with no hdmi sound at all) is a v1.1
    AMD Phenom 9600s
    4GBs PC800
    Updated Bios on MBs to most recent, and have proper settings for HDMI onboard sound.
    Vista 32 SP1

    65" Samsung DLP gets hdmi sound, but loses it when switching to tv and back UNTIL you retart the pc.
    5*" Samsung DLP gets hdmi sound, but loses it when switching to tv and back UNTIL you retart the pc.
    73" Mitsubishi DLP no sound over hdmi at all and have tried it all! Gave up and plugged in through RCAs.

    ANY help would be AWESOME!!!
  5. To be honest, I think the cost-free answer to this problem lies in finding the right version of ATI Catalyst. Mine was working at one point with this hardware configuration, but unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the exact driver versions before I reformatted. It could be a combination of the realtek driver with the ATI driver, but because of my EDID explanation, I am leaning more towards just the Catalyst part.

    Alternatively, if I am right about it being the way the driver handles EDID, you can purchase a product called the DVI Detective that will continually supply EDID to the PC so that the PC will never know you switched away. Since this is a DVI device, you will need HDMI to DVI cables or adapters on both ends to match the connections ( is a good place to get cheap ones). Also, you should probably check if that graphics chipset you are using is complying with HDCP. If it's like mine, it won't be, but you can always verify this by sending a video signal through HDMI to a DVI monitor that is not HDCP compliant, and seeing if you end up with encrypted or interrupted video. If you are frustrated enough to buy these products, I'd say this is your best bet instead of fishing around for just the right combination of software.

    Let me know if any of this works out for you!
  6. Yep I get that problem too with my Samsung TV and HD 4850 (I use sound through HDMI to watch movies/ recorded TV shows and X-Fi for games). You're not alone :) I do agree that it's bothersome, but doesn't really annoy me that much.
  7. Not sure if this is still an issue, however, I recently searched for a resolution to the same problem, So i'll share. In the Advanced Features setting within the Bios is the Onboard VGA Connect setting - if your experiencing this problem it should be set to D-Sub/DVI, change it to D-Sub/HDMI. Save and boot into windows and set the hdmi to default within the sounds playback options.

  8. Yep, I find that CCC 8.4 works for my HTPC rig. Others don't work with DXVA, and have troubles with HDMI sound.
  9. Here is the fix for the video going on black when changing input and such.

    DOwnload and install file.... and follow directions. Very easy.
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