Q9550 core temp hang

Hey everyone I have a quick question. I have a Q9550 with a zalman 9700 heatsink and 1 core seems to hang at 47 degrees and never EVER drop from that temp here are the benchies.

any insight would be greatly appreciated.

i have a rampage formula MB, 4 gb RAM, 750w psu
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  1. Use Real Temp and give us the results. If this is already used with that program, then RMA the chip and get a new one. I have my Q9550 OC'd to 3.77 and no cores get above 40 at idle. 38 38 35 35 are my usual temps, again this is using Real Temp.
  2. probably a stuck sensor. You may want to consider RMAing it.
  3. Here is my system with real temp before and during prime with the same specs, still acceptable ??

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