Booting old mac g5 on xp

I have an old 160 gb hd from a G5 and I was wondering if there is anyway to boot it up on my xp system.
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  2. hmm, do you mean, slave the hdd in a full xp pc? then i think you'd need an hfs+ reader (if that exists) to "see" the g5 hdd.

    if you mean can the xp pc boot from a drive that came out of a g5, i'm pretty sure that's impossible (unless you reformat to nt, which is bypassing the question).
    g5 were ppc.
    might find related info by googling something like this|+970+|+970mp++type+%22Boot+ROM%22+|+%22Open+Firmware+ROM%22
  3. Well basically my brother has files on the hdd that he wants like images and his g5 died. So I took it out and want to some extract the files to my pc.
  4. You need something like MacDrive. That should allow you to mount the HD in XP and extract the files.
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    Another (free) way is to boot from a Linux live CD. It should see the files just fine. Then you can backup to an external HD or CD/DVD.
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