Wd10eavs drive is not recognized by any sata controller

I've been attempting to recover data from a WD10EAVS drive, I made the mistake of not backing the drive up, and now I'm trying to recover quite a bit of data.

Problem: Drive was originally part of a WD MyBook World Edition, and no longer boots correctly, it was the white bar system, there are 4 leds, and light 1 would blink slowly

led 0 would remain on, according to the troubleshooting guides I found, this indicated a boot error of the drive, which is running a version of linux, I had not rooted the drive, so I don't have a way that I'm aware of to use the drive to boot with and retrieve error messages from.

Description: Drive was dropped during a move, about 3 feet while the device was off. I've removed the drive from the enclosure, and I can get the drive to spin up, however none of my current SATA adapters ( PCI USB PCI-e ) detect data on the drive. If I short the drive to "standby" mode they do see the drive, but otherwise I get a drive is not connected message. The PCI sata card using a Sil3x12 driver, on a windows xp sp3 box, and is Sata 1.0 and 2.0 compliant, and works with a known good drive.

Any suggestions ?
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  1. i had the exactly same problem and one of my IT workmates tested it and let me know to get an other same (WD10EAVS) drive and change the electric part of them (no need to disassemble, can be change from outside).
    he said data will remain and all of them can be used later.
    i will come back once my data recovered.
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