Just got my 24" monitor

Hello all hope u are fine :)
Well i just got my LG W2452V,after waiting for about 3 years for a 24" monitor to be available :)
1920X1200 Resolution
HDMI port
2ms response time
100000:1 contrast

i replaced my 22" monitor because it had 30000:1 contrast and hurted my eyes and i needed a bigger screen too ;)
All i can say is wow :D it has an excellent image quality,indeed alot better than my 22" monitor.

So lets post some benchies the first game i played was COD4 SP first mission(Cargo Ship),all of the settings are maxed out and the resolution is 1920x1200:


The second one is STALKER CLEAR SKY,I played this with 1920x1200 resolution with in games default maximum settings with no AA but with DX10.1 and in this pic u are seeing i got 45 FPS :d i didnt play much i just wanted to see the FPS and the quality.


And the last one i tested was Crysis Warhead,again i played @ 1920x1080(Strange it doesnt have 1920x1200) 0xAA and everything was @ ULTRA HIGH(Via using a cfg file) (except for sound quality which i set it to mainstream)

And i played the first mission from where u see a KPA truck blows in front of u and untill when friendly planes drop bombs,it gave me a 30-50 FPS solid :D




At first i thought i would have some problems with games and my card may not do well but i was wrong i had an excellent and smooth game play and i really enjoyed it :D
I definitely recommend this monitor for all who want a good 24" monitor with a good price.
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  1. These screen shots are awesome....particularly the Stalker ones, the rays of light are amazing. Do you mind me asking what card your using?
  2. Ty :) Yeah i am using HD 4870X2,strange my sig isnt shown i think its because i posted lots of pics :D
    Other specs in sig :)
  3. Ah dammit :( was hoping you were going to say something a little cheaper than that....can't really afford it. Currently trying to figure out the best bang for buck GPU
  4. And that would be HD 4850 :D
  5. once you go 24" you cannot go back
  6. If we're going to talk about the "best bang for your bucks" 24 inch, this one falls short. Let's analyse a bit:

    first of all, the tech spec:

    it's a 10 000:1 dynamic ratio (says the original is 800:1, I assume that's static). Dynamic ratios means nothing much... PR term.
    It draws 80watts of power, that's huge. The max frequency is 75hz and a nice 400cd/m brightness. At that level, most users have to tone it down or they get eye strain. Also, the gray frame around the screen kind of gets in the way, along with the bigass blue button. It honestly looks distracting.

    I recently bought a 24inch screen: BenQ G2400WD. Here's the spec:

    It's a 4000:1 dynamic ratio (but 1000:1 static ratio, some would say it's better, I'll just say it's mostly equivalent to yours). Same pixel pitch, same 2ms GTG, same 250cd/m and slightly smaller viewing angle (I stand in front of mine, 160 degrees vs 170degrees is not something I have issues with). On the upside, it goes all the way to 85hz and draws only 55watts. It's got pretty much the same weight but the frame is all black (matte) and there's only a small 1cm diameter button with a faint green light in the middle. It definitely doesn't distract.

    The G2400wd is around 350-360$CAD while the W2452V is sold at FutureShop for 400$CAD (can't seem to find it around on any online retailer, that's a minus for me).
    shopper.cnet.com provides USA retail prices of $408.75 - $568.06 at 11 online stores for the W2452V while the G2400WD is listed as $369.99 - $449.84 at 8 online stores.

    Therefore, for those of you considering a 24inch monitor, look into the BenQ G2400WD. It performs great, comes at an awesome price (I bought a 22inch for an equivalent price just 18 months ago) and offers great performances.

    While we're at it, I'd like to see other folks discussing their monitors in the same way to sort of make a "database" to compare the monitors :)
  7. To maxi : yeah :D

    to anti : yeah yours is pretty good too :) but i live in Iran and unfortunately in Iran options are very limited, 24" monitors are very few :)
    And thanks for the info :)
  8. maximiza said:
    once you go 24" you cannot go back

    I couldnt agree more. in addition, you would need video card to goes along with it.
  9. maximiza said:
    once you go 24" you cannot go back


    @ Maziar - The monster rig is now complete...Enjoy it!

    @ Antacid - I've been using that same BenQ 2400WD myself for months and must say I've been beyond thrilled with it. I also paid well under $400 shipped... what a bargain for sure. Not speaking ill of any other 24", but I'll second your recommendation of the BenQ as well worth considering for a highly affordable 24" gaming monitor. To be honest, I would not even consider anything else if looking to buy another 24". Friends who have seen it have put it on top of their wish list too.

    edit: link - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014173
  10. thanks paul :D if that was availabe in Iran i would have looked @ it but as i said 24" LCDs are very few but i love mine its very good :)
  11. maximiza said:

    similar specs (5ms vs 2ms, 250cd/m vs 300cd/m, same static CR) but yours is 440$CAD before taxes/shipping :P

    Your T240 would sit side by side with my BenQ on the 30'' display lunch table ;)
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