SATA Drive disappeared after card reader installed!


I'm running windows XP and have just installed a card reader. When I booted the pc, the card reader installed, and it took along my partitioned WD 1tb hdd with it. What I mean is, my hdd was changed to the usb drive, and no longer became accessible by my pc. When I stopped the mass usb storage device, the drives D and E would stop as well. I tried uninstalling the device, but it seems like my hdd has had it's format changed.

Any advice to repair the situation would be so much appreciated as my hdd was almost at max capacity, and it's a lot of stuff lost.


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  1. the card ready I assume was attached to an internal USB connection? What is the HD, sata or IDE? It also sounds like a different HD is your boot device, can you confirm that?

    Can you see the HD in the BIOS?
  2. Yeah it is. I managed to sort the situation out :) Thankyou for your reply. It helps if you check all of your connections!
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