Best video card for my system?

I'm thinking of picking up a new video card (or two) and was wondering what your opinions were regarding the best fit for my current system:

Q6600 processor
4gb ram
HT omega sound card
MSI P7N SLI Platinum LGA 775 nforce 750i motherboard
currently - 2x evga geforce 8800gts (320mb) - just not cutting it
PC power and cooling - 510Watt (600+ watts peak) sli ready

I have been looking at a 260+ or radeon 4870 1gb, I have no problem with dual gpu set ups also. Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Is your Quad running at stock speed? If so, you should really try overclocking it 3.0ghz first. At 2.4ghz, and running SLI already with a couple of 8800GTS's, your bottleneck is the processor. The GPU's are dated, but I think unless you crank that quad up a little, you are still going to be disappointed with a new video card.
  2. you already have pretty goo GPU settup. 2X 8800gts can let your run ANY game ATM. you have a 750i, so just take a 260 or 280 (or new 270 that is comming soon) and another one latter when price goes down ;). and YEAH jit is right, an OC would help ALOT
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