4870 X2 vs 4870 CF vs 9800 GX2

So I'm getting ready to build a new system and I read the latest review on the 4870 X2.

I was really just trying to decide between 1 4870 X2 or 2 4870s in CF, but as I was reading over the results I couldn't help but notice how well the 9800 GX2 was performing. I play at 1680 x 1050 with AA (Results here)

Comparing the results from those charts with these prices (from newegg)

Sapphire - 4870 X2 - 549.99
Sapphire - 4870 - 259.99 (x2 for CF) - 519.98
EVGA - 9800 GX2 - 284.99

To me the 9800 seems to be the best choice for the money. I'd be curious to see how it would compare in SLI.

What do you guys think?
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  1. To warn you, 9800X2 has higher maximum and average frame rates than 4870 (single) but it's minimum FPS can dip below 20 and that can mess up your gameplay. I wouldn't advise on a 9800X2 SLI setup because quad SLI is not that great compared with the other options, it's scaling is far from perfect.
    I suggest going towards single 4870 or 4870X2 for your resolution for smooth play. :)
  2. A single 4870 rocks 1680x1050 for me, it even does pretty well at 1920x1080 with AA on in most games.
  3. I'll probably go with the 4870 X2 then. It competes with 4870 CF pretty well and I could always pickup another down the line.

    Thanks folks.
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