Will the BTF90 cooler fit a P5Q Deluxe motherboard?

Hi, all. This is my first post here. I am building my first system, and the motherboard I have decided on is either the Asus P5Q-E or the P5Q Deluxe. I would like to get the Zerotherm BTF90 cooler, but I am not sure if it will fit due to the height of the heatsinks on the motherboard. I have googled endlessly, and it has not helped. Does anybody have any experience with this match? I found 1 comment on another forum that said his fit, and on another forum, someone else said he was sending the cooler back because it didn't fit. :??: Also, I saw somewhere that somebody had a BTF90 for sale, and owned the P5Q Deluxe, and he said the cooler was fine except for a couple bent fins which he tried to bend back. That makes me wonder if he tried to bend the cooler fins to fit his board. Hmmm...

The "wings" on this cooler seem like it might extend far enough out to get in the way a bit, too, but the cooler can be mounted in any direction, horizontal or vertical, so if I could fit it in either way that would be fine. Thanks in advance if anybody has any info on this.
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  1. The cooler will be fine, the heatsinks look pretty normal so I would not worry about it.
  2. Glad to hear it. Does the P5Q-E and the P5Q deluxe have the same clearance around the cpu? It seems to look about the same, but it's hard to tell from the pictures on the review sites.
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