Sli problems with 2 Xfx 9800gtx+'s

So i recently ordered a second video card and after hooking everything up I turned on my computer. Windows and ntune detected the second card so i enabled Sli in ntune and started bench marking. First i ran 3dmark06 and in the details tab it only detected 1 card so i figured sli made 3dmark think there was only card 1 card but there both working together. When the test was done i looked at my score and i relized it was the same score i was getting with 1 card, 13557 meh, so i went back into ntune to check if it was was. So i ran some other benchmarks and games that auto detect sli and a long story short they either didn't detect the second card or the perfomace was the same if not worse. I had this same problem when i was running 2 7900gt's, sli would be detected but there would be no performance boost so i just figured the cards were faulty due to the fact that they were second hand from my friend. Also i've tryed in the newest drivers from nvidia, the 180.48, and when ever my computer starts up after the auto restart my screen flashes random colors then goes black. I know both cards are fine cause i've puled one out and tryed the other and vise versa. I've also flashed my bois to the latest drivers and i've reinstalled windows several times. At this point i think its the mother board but i dont know.

My Current Setup:
4gs of Patrioit Ep
500g WD sata hard drive
Msi P6n Sli Deluxe(650i)
2 Xfx 9800gtx+

My motherboard is sorta of weird, to enable sli you have to flip a little card that turns the x 16 slots into x8 and x8. At this point i think its the motherboard, i've had the same problem twice so i just might order a new one. I dunno....if you guys have any ideas im open to anything.
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  1. psu ? and your CPU, CRANK it up, 2.9 is short to run a SLI 9800gtx. try this first. might give you SOme more FPS and bench pts.

    i run a Single 9800gtx+ E6850@3.6ghx 14500 3dmark06
    600W toughpower thermaltake
    p5ne-sli Plus

    your dual 8x VS dual 16x isnt really a trouble.
  2. Oh yeah my psu is coolermaster 750 watt and i would try pumping up the fsb but im using the stock cooler...i've oced it to 3.1 and it idles at 33c so i could try ocing it to 3.6...we'll see
  3. buy a Aftermarket cooler. a 50$ cooler can Really help alot.

    Your PSU is good. It can still be your MOBO that is faulty, but try OCing first. Cheap solution ;) but nice one.
  4. Disable vertical sync?
  5. v-sync is disabled in pretty positive its the motherboard so im gonna order a new one.
  6. lol...i just ordered a recertified Evga 780i from newegg for 134.99, i hope it works...and i also ordered a Xigmatek HDT-S1283. Should get here on tuesday.......i really hope my sli works!!! :fou:
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