[AMD] Ati HD 4200 IGP on laptop.

Hello everyone, i am new here and i needed some help.
I am getting in the next days my new laptop and i was thinking in playing games in it.
The laptop is an Acer Aspiere One 5542
This are the spects:

Turion II X2 2.2 M500
HD 500Gb
Integrated Graphics Ati HD4200 (785G)
Ram Memory 4gbs 800Mhz

The thing is that as i never did an overclocking i saw in many forums people saying that they overclocked the IGP from 500Mhz (Stock) core to 700Mhz or more. ( is there a guide to do it?)
My doubts:
If there someone here that had that igp and can give me hand on how to do it, because i understand that is complicated toching things in the Bios, specially OC options.
I want to take the core to a good speed as the other chipset has 790GX - 700Mhz to gain more performace in games. ( i saw videos and benchmarks that shown a great increase but none of them show the temperature diference when not oc and oc).
And what temperature diference can be in that OC so that i dont burn it. Wich is your advice in this case?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I would never recommend overclocking a laptop; you'll need to cool it better to keep the components from breaking down, and it's virtually impossible to add cooling to a laptop. Even if you keep it on your desk and cool the underside with whatever, you're not sure if that will be enough.
  2. I know the desktop varients of the 3200/3300/4200 can be overclocked, but that is only in custom built PC's as the BIOS in prebuilts lock out any overclocking, I would assume the same for laptops as well. I doubt you can overclock, even if you can, I would highly recommend you don't as your likely to cause it to overheat.

    On a side note what games do you plan to play? Most new games would be unplayable on a 4200 above 800x600 res with low settings. It's a great integrated chip and will easily handle older games, but new stuff will struggle as with any other integrated chip.
  3. not only that but an overclocked IGP on a laptop will positively kill battery life. Not worth it IMO. Buy a laptop with discrete graphics if you want to game.
  4. aye the 4200 isn't up to par for any heavy gaming, if you are thinking of wow then sure it would work, but MW2 or anything like that is no go

    at least a 4670 mobility...
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will pay a little more and get the "gaming" model, acer 5542G with an ati radeon 4570 512 Gddr3 i saw lots of videos on youtube and it works great.

    It was a little complicated to find a place that has that model but i found it!

  6. For the same price you paid for that lemon Acer, you could be sitting pretty with this bad ass.

    Your money.

    In case you haven't heard: Asus > Acer.
  7. Ok tell me what model is at the same price as that acer? The main problem is that its hard to find certain models because only few places sell this kind of gamming notebooks in the place i live.
    I know asus is great but i couldnt find any model or where to buy one.

    There is one model a samsung with a core i3 processor and a nvidia 310m 512 Gddr3 memory and its at the same price but i dont know if that video is as good as the ati that 5542g has.

    http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-ATI-Mobility-Radeon-HD-4570.13885.0.html (Ati Radeon 4570 Spects)

    http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-310M.22439.0.html (Nvidia GeForce 310M Spects)

    I seen a few diferencies in shader speed and pipelines.

    Both acer 5542g and samsung r480 are good but depends on wich video board is better.

    I saw 5536g old model of 5542g of acer and it can run any game. Unfortunalty i never saw nvidia 310M in accion to say if there is big diference. Its ok that intel i3 is a lot better than any acer model processor.

    Wich one you think is better of this notebooks and video board?
    Or wich model of asus is at the same price and has a good gaming performace.
  8. look at the site you just been to, 4570 is class 2 (bottom of it) and 310m is class 3 (top of it)

    but generally that means that the 4570 is better than the 310m, or else they would be in the same class, and just different positions.
  9. HShin said:
    For the same price you paid for that lemon Acer, you could be sitting pretty with this bad ass.

    Your money.

    In case you haven't heard: Asus > Acer.

    You are right i found this model Asus K50ab or k52jr both look better and its a lot cheaper than the other 2 models.
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