Easy question.

Hi people.

It's a easy question, currently I have this configuration.

CPU: Phenom II X4 955.
Mobo: K9A2 Platinum (socket AM2/AM2+)

I want install a Corsair Hydro H50 for cooling the CPU and leave the fans of my TT V9 cooling the GPU. My question is, I plan upgrade the mobo and RAM when the X6 and Fermi comes out, so, the Hydro will work in the new mobo?

Thanks in advice, and if you have another recomendation also is welcome.
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  1. The Corsair H50 has mounting brackets for AM2+ and AM3. I'm pretty sure you can use the H50 for the newer generation of CPUs, as long as they have the same socket types.

    Although for a few more $$$, you can buy a better watercooling loop, even if it's just for the CPU. Would this be your first time using a water cooler? Be aware that when the pump fails, you won't be able to replace it. Corsair backs it up with a 2 year warranty, though, so don't worry about that.
  2. What other watercooling can you recomend?, and yea, it's my first time.
  3. That work is tedious. It involves buying each part separately: the CPU wateblock, the tubes, the radiator/s, the pump/s, and the reservoir. Also, it requires assembly. It might not be a good first time experience, especially because it's expensive and easy to get wrong.

    If you really want watercooling for your CPU, then go with the H50. I'm actually considering it myself, if it wasn't for the fear of the pump failing or the significant difference between it and air coolers.
  4. Ok. The H50 can handle my X4 955 at 3.8GHz or more 24/7?
  5. Definitely. Frostytech did a review here:

    Although to me, the pump raises a concern. Leaving a water pump on 24/7 will surely shorten the lifespan of that thing.
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    Custom watercooling isn't just a few $$ more. This is a quality basic kit of top parts, and will give MUCH lower CPU temps than the H50, which needs good push/pull fans added to give a bit better temps than a top air cooler.

    The H50 isn't bad, don't get me wrong. But for real temps gains you need to move up the food chain.
  7. ^Ok, this is really good, but doesn't exist something more cheap?, I'm not from USA, so, the watercooling system that I choose to buy, must be buy it in the USA and imported to my country.
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