Bent Pins on EP45-DS3L Motherboard

When I installed the CPU into the motherboard socket, the directions weren't very clear and I put the CPU in sideways. When I pushed down the lever to lock the CPU in place and then removed the CPU again, all the pins appear slightly bent. They have two clear "joints to it", and the top half of each pin is standing at about a 70 degree angle instead of a 90. Is this normal? Would putting the CPU in wrong have damaged the pins? Right now I think it is fine, but I'd just like to double check.
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  1. Ooops
  2. Well either they are bent or their not. I beleve the are slightly angled from stock kinda like ~. I dont understand how you cant get it rigt. The directions say line up the arrows, and the chip and socket are notched, so it only goes in one way.
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