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Recently, one of the hdd's in my raid setup failed. I don't really want to use it as a raid anyway, and since the space was getting small, I went and bought an extra SATA drive, planning on using them sequentially. The drive is not recognized in bios, or the Via raid utility, or in windows. I tried slotting it into a different pc and it works fine. The only seemingly relevant setting I can find in my BIOS is "integrated Perioherals -> Sata IDE Controller -> en/disable, which does not help. The remaining HDD from the old raid still works fine.

Motherboard: MSI K8MM-ILSR

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  1. sad accident
  2. If you haven't already, try disabling the RAID function.
  3. There's no place in the bios to disable it. I can enter the Via Sata Raid Bios (not the regular bios) after POST, but that won't let me do anything other than exit again, becaue it can't find enough drives to create a raid.
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