What is the word for Intel's Prices of C2Q's?

I was wondering if the Q9650 will be the price of the Q9550 at the begining of the month. I would much rather have the Q9650 over the Q9550 becuase of its multiplier at 9x rather than 8.5x. I would like to overclock the Q9650 to 4GHz if possible on air. Do you think I should wait till the end of the month and see if the Q9650 comes down in price. Or get a Dual-Core chip till the price is right? I want to replace my Phenom 9850 with Q9650.
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  1. From what I've been reading I believe Intel is supposed to drop their prices on this monday, the 19th, effectively bringing the Q9650 to Q9550 prices.
  2. High end parts are rarely produced in great volume and rarely drop in price much ... usually they only produce enough to cover current demand and EOL them quickly ... once a new Extreme part is previewed (i7 E in this case).

    Given LGA775 is still going strong then there is sufficient demand ... hence little in the way of proce drop.

    The mid / low end quad parts will surely drop in a matter of days because Intel won't want to give market share to AMD.

    They may not be so keen to try anti-competitive behavious like in the past.

    Though with a global recession in the making they could do anything ... even something as unkely as them sending Ninjas to attack AMD's fabs ...
  3. I was thinking they would drop the Q9650 for two reasons. 1. It's about the same price as if you were going to get the i7 940 which is better. 2 The Phenom is just starting to threaten the C2Q linup. I want a Q9650 but if it dose not come down in price I'll get the E8500 for now and wait for the Q9650 to drop before hopping on.
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