When adding sata storage drive pc won't boot

I have three western digital drives. two are 500gb caviar blacks and one 1tb green drive.
I had the two 500gb drives in raid 0 but decided to go back to a normal setup. I reformated one of the 500gb drives as my primary partition and left my 1tb green drive as my storage drive.
everything worked fine for a week.

Today i was cleaning out my case (dust) and decided to connect my other 500gb drive that i was originally using for the raid for more storage.

when the PC booted it said can not find boot device.

I disconnected the 500gb drive and rebooted (so now it's exactly like it was before)....same thing happened!

So, I removed the green drive. Now the only thing that is connected is my primary boot drive. It booted into windows just fine!

Once it booted, I reconnected my green storage drive (had the case open and did it while the pc was turned on). I clicked "rescan drives" and the green drive reappeared with everything on it. So, I figured everything would be back to normal. :pt1cable:

So, I also reconnected my other 500gb drive and hit rescan. It popped up as Raw partition (because it was in raid before) and I did a quick format on it. It seemed peachy.

I rebooted, and bam...same problem it says "please load boot device" or something similar to that nature.

I booted into windows repair disk and tried to repair the "startup"...with no luck.

Again, if I remove both drives and have only the primary, it boots just fine.

I can't seem to figure out why this is happening!
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  1. i fixed this issue. not sure if it's a good way to fix it, but it worked!
    After I installed just the one drive and booted into windows i typed msconfig and went to the boot tab.
    i clicked on the "make boot setting permanent" and clicked apply.
    I then reconnected my drives and went into disk management and selected scan new drives. After they appeared I rebooted and everything booted fine.
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