HELP new build wont boot

I just built my first computer in 7 years and I cant get it to boot. :cry:

This is what I have

CoolerMaster 690 case
Thermaltake Toughpower Q 650W PSU
Asus Maximus II motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 CPU
4GB OCZ 1066 Ram
Evga 9800 GT
2 640 Western Digital HDD
2 Asus DVD burners

I read everything carefully and I believe that everything is plugged together properly. I checked the PSU to make sure it was working before I even put things together so that works. When I turn the PSU on the lights on the Mobo come on and the digital LCD Poster that the Mobo came with (no speakers) says welcome. When I turn on the power, either from the chassis power button or the mobo power button (nice feature), the chassis fan and cpu fan starts for a fraction of a second then turns off. The LCD Poster says pwr_off.

What did I do wrong. :??: :(
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  1. Check your 4/8 pin CPU 12v atx power plug from psu to mobo.

    If thats plugged in you might need a older gen CPU to flash the bios to recognize your current CPU.
  2. Quote:
    What did I do wrong. :??: :(

    You did nothing wrong, since there are new ways to do stuff with these new motherboard then there was seven years ago.

    Go to this Asus Forum board Link below for all problems with the Asus Maximus II Formula. If you need help, post a question and they will help you there.

    Here is one Thread that is close to your problem I foun so far.

    Plus if you are using the Supreme X-FI soundcard that comes with the motherboard, make sure you install it in the Top Black pci-e 1x slot.
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