Is my CPU Running too hot

I'm running E8400 cpu, with Artic Silver 5, I have 1 system fan 80mm, and a side vent for the cpu. My cpu idles at around 43C(according to Bios)

I have my bios set to warn me if it reaches 60C or 140F. I was just running a pretty non demanding game(Guild Wars, it was updating for about 10-15 minutes or so) when my Mobo starts beeping. At first I didn't know what it was but I realized that it stopped when I closed GW. I'm currently using the program that came with the mobo to look at the temperature my CPU and System are running at. With Guild Wars updating in the background it reaches 60C pretty fast.

I followed the artic instructions for applying the paste, but it wanted me to rotate the cpu fan one degree clock wise and counter clockwise. I wasn't able to do that because on the pegs on the fan. I'm wondering if I should remove and reapply the paste. But try spreading it out thin and evenly.

My concern is GW isn't a very demanding game, if I do put something like Crysis on it and try and play it for any extended period of time, will my cpu overheat. I could also put a fan in the cpu tube exhaust.

EDIT: It hit that 60C range a couple times, and then the fan seems to bring it down some, as the fan speeds up. What's a safe range for the fan speed? The fan speed seems to range from 1200 to 1400+ at times and the CPU temp is jumping from about 45C to 60C, I haven't seen it go over 60 yet.

I just noticed something else as well. this program says that my psu fan and my system fan aren't spinning. But I know for a fact that atleast my sytem fan is spinning, I can see it and feel the air coming out.
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  1. if you correctly seated your heatsink the paste should spread out by itself, they only recommend you to wiggle it in to make sure it is all spread out the way it should be. as for the readings on the fans, you have to realize that the bios and/or program can only monitor fans connected to the motherboard. your power fan receives power, and is automaticaly controlled, by the power supply so the mother board gets no readings. similarly, if your system fan does not receive power from the motherboard, the motherboard cannot control the speed or get readings. if your fan is connected to the power supply and/or a fan controller, your programs will not be able to get readings.
  2. first what is too hot?

    second who says it is too hot?

    silicon melts at 2800 f and copper around 2200 that - that is too hot!

    how many times have i posted this:

    1) do not follow instructions research your cooler - dished coolers and exposed heat pipes need 2-5 times more tc

    2) too much is way better then too little - just right takes practice and must be optimized to each cooler

    GW can run on 8088 - ok i am joking i am still hung over from CES

    warpedsystems rules since 2003 - worlds fastest air computers!

    rule #1 75c is the limit for max ambient and max output - 110 f room at 100% 75c is max

    exception to rule #1 i7 exception --- 8 cores running orthos is not real world - 85c is ok under very restricted limitations

    rule #2 all systems should be tuned to 65-70c under 100% out put in a 90f room

    rule #3 your cpu wil not lose life if you only hit over 65c once in while

    i just made these up but ,,,,, ok they are good rule!
  3. ^ umm.....what? Hangover? CES ended 7 days ago.

    @OP - That is definetly too high for a E8400. Yes its below the limit but its still very hot for what its doing. Download Realtemp and use that to monitor temps, ignore the BIOS readings. Also what CPU cooler are you using? Even with the stock Intel cooler your temps should be much lower.
  4. I'd also suggest adding one more system fan. Having only one 80mm fan doesnt move much air. You should have at least one intake and one exhaust fan in addition to your cpu cooler.
  5. OMG CES

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    then we install asus EAH 4870x2 triple fan cards in a few systems as we lelft for cES

    these card all broke in shipping EVERYONE! OMG!
    SYSTEM BELOWS SCORES 28,200 defult 3dmark 06 at 4.3ghz


    i had to come home and work day and night and check the systems out, some had raid currptions - the raid showed smart failures. some had otehr issues

    where you think i been? you know me i be here messing with peepls - sure i give then crap but how many peeps have i solved there problems on this site? lots!
  6. lol! i lov THG!

    i shipped this system below with the i7 above below is dads above is sons

    blurry sorry!

    THANK YOU CUSTOMERS FOR BEING PATIENT! none will see this since i do not mix THG with my biz -- but i just like to say: "thank you all you patient pc buyers"
  7. Thank you for those that replied to the topic.

    I'm using the Stock CPU Fan. I will definitely get another fan or two. With this being my first computer and all, I'm not really sure what to expect. I just thought a 10C jump from running a fairly easy program was a bit much. I've tried some Google searches, and I've found nothing but mixed messages. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I might try remounting the cpu fan again and see if that helps. It's my understanding that I should remove the Mobo if I am going to remount the fan, correct?


    I downloaded Realtemp:

    At idle my cores are running 33and 26, Distance to TJMax is 62 and 69. Oddly is says I'm running at 1999.11mhz. I do believe after search why it does that, is to save power and will increase as the load increases. I've just never seen it that low. It's been at 2.6mhz before this.
  8. Yes, intel speedstep is enabled in the BIOS, which lowers the multiplier on the chip when its idle to save power and what nots. 33c idle is just fine also, no worries there.

    However the stock speed on that chip is 3.0ghz, not 2.6ghz. Sounds like you need to go into the BIOS and make sure the multiplier is set correctly which will be 9. The stock speed for that chip is 333FSB x 9 multiplier.

    And Dragon, I think that is quite enough advertisements for now. Totally irrelevant as usual.
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