Phenom 9850 BE and 550W PSU

So I've recently been reading up about OCnig and figured that it was time for me to try out my first one. I've been reading and now that I know what I'm doing better I figured it was time to try and squeeze some more juice out of my main rig until the new hexa-core CPUs hit shelves.

My current rig has the following specs (listing everything that draws power from the PSU):

Corsair 550W PSU
Asus M4A78 Plus motherboard
Sapphire HD 4870
AMD Phenom 9850 BE
Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme (not sure if this was important or not)

As well as 4*2GB sticks of some PNY 800mhz DDR2 RAM I salvaged from an old prebuilt, 4*120mm green LED fans, and a 7200 RPM Sata drive.

Now the question I had, since I don't have a wattage meter, is do I have any room to do an OC of my Phenom with everything else that is currently drawing power?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    You have a 1st Phenom generation, that's 65nm, i think that the PSU that you have is enough for a decent OC.
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    Usually the main limitation in overclocking is the processor itself.

    Since that is a Phenom 1 processor, which has limited overclocking potential. 3.2Ghz is almost guaranteed. 3.4 is pretty good and anything higher than 3.8Ghz is pretty lucky. If you're using the stock heatsink/fan, try buying an aftermarket one. Usually they're leagues ahead of the stock ones.
  3. Ah, so I shouldnt worry to much about my PSU wattage then? Oh, and I'm using a Zalman CNPS9900A that my buddy gave to me for Christmas with Arctic Silver compound and my case is an Antec 300 with all the optional fans installed, so I don't think heat will be a big issue for me.
  4. You are more than good, nice PSU by the way =)
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