What Bay to install DVD ROM in Antec900?

Should I but the DVD ROM drive in the top bay?
If I dod this it will block the air from getting in thru the top.
I think this may be ok as dont we want all the air to come from the lower half of the case?
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  1. You can install your dive in any available drive bay. The choice is yours.

    The general rule of thumb for ventilation, air flow, and cooling is cool air in the bottom front and warm air out the back top.
  2. i have mines on top. the very top. the two hard drive bays w/the blue led fans are on top, so that leaves an open space on the bottom of the case to tuck away all the messy wires...i've tried various configurations and this seemed to work the best for me.

    other configurations was a disaster to deal with, wire-wise.
  3. I installed them on thevery top


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