Gigabyte UD3P startup disk and RAID drivers

Hey guys

I ordered a P45-UD3P for a workstation build and installing it with RAID 1.
I've done it before on several ASUS computers and know all the stuff that has to be done, but when i put in the Gigabyte driver disk to obtain the drivers for my floppy and it doesn't boot like my other mobos. It starts xpress recovery every time and i cant get around it.

And ideas or am i doing something completely stupid?? The manual is completely useless giving maybe one sentence for instructions...
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  1. What OS are you installing? If Vista or Windows Server 2008, you don't need the drivers.
  2. XP Pro....

    Their programs don't work with Vista based systems...the programmers are slow with that sadly
  3. If you are using the Intel Matrix RAID controller (ICH10R), you can download the drivers from Intel. They are more recent than the ones on the CD. You need the Gigabyte drivers only if you use the Gigabyte RAID (the 2 violet ports).

  4. Yea its the ICH10R files....
    Windows isn't installed yet so im trying to grab them off the GB startup disk in DOS, but it just doesn't feel like booting, it only opens the stupid Xpress Recovery 2 :cry:

    Are all those drivers the same?? Cause if so i can just use the same floppy with the ICH10R drivers from the Asus disk
  5. All drivers for the ICHxR are the same.
  6. ty guess ill try the same floppy disc
  7. Your 'boot order' under 'advanced BIOS settings' is probably wrong - sounds like you're set to boot off CDROM first, so if it finds a bootable one (and the driver disk is - for express recovery...) it just goes ahead; if you change it to HDD first, it will, when it finds a bootable in the CD, ask either 'press any key to boot from CDROM', or 'press any key to enter express recovery'; you can't load the RAID drivers directly that way, anyhow (well, you might be able to in Vista & win7, but you'd have to know just where they're at, and they might be compressed... If your MOBO is an EP45-UD3P, (I can't find a GB listing for any 'P45'), the procedure for making the OS install-time driver disks starts on page 99 of your manual... Once you have (any) drivers loaded, windoze update will take it from there...
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