9800gtx+ 180.48 fan trouble !

Hey ! since the BIGBANG 180.48 i cant control my 9800gtx+ fan ?????

I was using EVGA precision to control it, that come whit my EVGA card. Or even nTune let you control it.

I updated to 180.48 ... after that, BAM fan controle became Unusable on EVGA precision, and Ntune dont let me control it ... damn WTF !

Im about to plug the fan to one of my Fan Controler to resolve this ....

Anyone have another clue before i open this and take out the fan connector !

and yes i also updated my nForce driver to be sure !


P5N32-E SLI+ E6850 @ 3600mhz 1600fsb - 2G OCZ @ 800mhz 4-4-4-15 - Single 9800gtx+ - 14500 3dmark06
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  1. Its working on my EVGA precision????
  2. I had to update Precision to 1.3.3 to make the fan control work.
  3. Thx alot, ill try it tonight or tomorow, im at work atm

    But ill think il also try this nvidia controler that i linked

  4. Your right, 1.3.3 work, its writen on evga site that the version fix fan problem. and i also installed new nVidia monitor and controler that laso let me control it.

    You can create your OWN temp-speed Curve if you want with Nvidia controler !
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