Antec 900 Owners - Please Help !

I fill up my case with drives, and I like great air ciculation to keep things cool. So I ordered an Antec 900 for $79.99 from the Egg. Today I read this user review and it irks me:

Cons: I absolutely hate having to remove both side panels to gain access to the HD bays. This is tedious and inconvenient.
The lower placement of the power supply causes issues with power cables and multiple SATA drives... involving twisting the cables awkwardly to connect them. Neither option of mounting the HD's upside down or PSU upside down was plausable, so I had to make due.

I never considered that the bottom-mounted PSU position would make cabling multiple drives and issue! Now Im worrying about my choice of a case. How does it make a difference that the PSU is low in the case? Is there a real problem? See, to me it seems like it puts the PSU *closer* to the SATA HDD's - and if the racks are full from DVD drives at the top to 5-6 SATA drives below - it seems to be a moot point (?)

What is the "akward twisting of cable" the user refers to?

Also, why do BOTH side panels have to be removed to access the HDD bays? Cant you just removed one side panel to get at the drives?
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  1. The twisting is simply turning over the end so it actually plugs in, and depending on your PSU's cables, this might be a very easy process. Clearly wasn't for that person.

    The only issues I can see are if you put an optical drive in the very top slot, you mightn't have enough reach then... though a simple SATA => Molex adapater takes care of that.

    I didn't have any issues with it, and I'm using the larger 1200.
  2. One of the less known cons of the 900 is that it doesnt utilize drive rails, instead you need to remove both panels to install drives. Plus side being that it comes with plenty of thumbscrews for this.

    You may be able to remove the cages without taking off the back panel, but I do not know. I installed my two 640GB drives, sealed it up and haven't been back in since.
  3. Having to remove both sides of the case (two thumbscrews each side) to work in the drive bays is hardly "tedious". How often are you going to upgrade hard drives? Besides, most of my old cases do not have drive rails, so I am used to removing both side panels.

    I have three HD's in the lower drive cage. I like the space between the drives - helps keep them cool. Middle cage is empty - good thing, because it would be difficult to get my GTX260 in there otherwise.

    My biggest bitch is the poor cable management. And here, a modular PSU would help.

    For me, the increased cooling capacity overcomes all the objections.
  4. I've used a lot of cases and I have never really found a reason to prefer a bottom or top mounted PSU, they both have their pros and cons.
  5. Antec 300, bottom mounted PSU and my cables are pretty good. Dont know what this guy is going on about tbh.

    Pchaplo you worry way too much man, name anything at all and ill go find you someone writing a review that bitches about it.
  6. i dont see a problem. theres a fair amount of empty space between the PSU and the drive bays..
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