Why OC manually, when you can get a pre-OCed system?

Take a look at this desktop, which made me drool:
The latest to make its presence felt in the gaming rig department are Black OPS Gaming PCs from the house of Digital Strom. The new series PCs feature Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with an ATI and Nvidia graphics option. These ultimate gaming machines designed to deliver unparalleled performance come with Digital Storm’s Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System and a TwisterBoost Overclocking process, which optimizes and overclocks the PC’s processor, memory, and graphic cards. Available in three models with 6GB and 4GB RAM and Windows 7 for OS, the PCs will cost between $1,709 and $3,102.

Of course, you can see the problem: are you willing to have more time and a lot less money? :lol:

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  1. It takes the thrill out of making your own PC. :)

    Seriously, which would feel more fulfilling?

    You hand-picking your computer parts, setting them up laboriously on a clean table, making sure that everything properly set up and accounted for, setting up your watercooling system, checking to make sure that there are no leaks and everything is working fine, booting up for the first time, and spending days working for that perfect overclock and admiring your work, taking note of how the case glows with those UV cathodes you put in last...


    Spend 2x the money to buy something that the above things have already been done by someone else.

    Tough choice? :))
  2. :o

    You speak heresy.
    Quick, hide in the basment before they find you!
  3. Pshhh...

    A phase change would kill that overclock. I like how its called sub zero though, even though its water cooling. Makes me laugh. :lol:
  4. outlw6669 said:

    You speak heresy.
    Quick, hide in the basment before they find you!

    Hopefully it's just a momentary lapse or a weird swine flu symptom.

    r_manic, I hope you are feeling better soon.
  5. you get to see the fruits of your own labour not someone elses
  6. Reasons to pay someone to overclock
    -your rich/ money is no concern
    - your lazy
    - your scared to try it yourself
    reasons to overclock yourself
    -you can be sure everything is tweaked how you want
    -you enjoy working on computers
    -save money
    -you can rest assured no idiot minimum wage employee was setting up your machine
  7. r_manic is this a joke?

    Run before the Overclocking monsters get you!
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