Phenom II X4 unstable Vcore

my Vcore flutuates between 0.96-1.22 between idle and load, the FSB changes as well. I've tried to manually set the Vcore to 1.35 in bios (auot mode sets it to 1.42) but after booting into windows it doesnt stay 1.35.

I've tried to install a fresh copy of windows, the Vcore in the new install is stable (1.35)

This problem occured after i installed AMD overdrive but unstalling doesnt fix the issue?

please help :(
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  1. this is normal.

    the cool n quiet feature downclocks the CPU when idle to conserve power.
  2. strange thing is i have cool and quiet installed in both copies of windows.

    one gives a stable Vcore but the other one doesnt?

    i am deeply troubled by this because it has a great impact on the FPS in games. for example the with Vcore 0.97 the processor only runs on X4 FSB giving a mere 800Mhz per core. and the FPS flutuates up and down a lot e.g. from 20 and jump to 50s 60s etc.
  3. cool n quiet should not be installed, its a BIOS feature.

    and it should not be dropping down when you have applications running, only when idle.

    disable it in the BIOS if its causing an issue, see if this solves your problem.
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