Antec 900....and the Big Boy

Hey all,

Well I've got my new pc up and running, past all the hitches and Vista HDD noise issues...but welll one little problem still. The Bog Boy fan on the top of my Antec 900 is still not working. If I set it to high and run it through the PSU fan plugs it kinda twitches. Like it's slowly trying to move, doesn't have the power then drops back to not moving it'll do this every few seconds.

If I set it to medium or low it won't even move.

I have a be quiet 650w dark power pro PSU.

I was wondering if I ran it out of one of the molex connectors if that would work?
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  1. idk if u have a bad fan or not (or if ur willing to spend even more money), but just in case, u can always replace it with a new one here:

    hope u find a solution =)
  2. The fan headers on the power supply are controlled by the unit.
    The voltage is already down to 5 or 7 volts when the comp is cool.
    Hook it up to a regular molex connector . As it is now you are running it through two different speed controllers, droping the voltage below 5 volts.
  3. Hi Whatsup.

    I have this case at home. I had one with a DOA fan. I've worked with about 10-12 of these cases, and about 3 of them have had the top fan die within 2 weeks. try RMA/Returning it.
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